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Bison Pipeline LLC, Index of Customers effective as of:      

HPipeline NamePipeline ID CodeReport DateOriginal/Revised IndicatorFirst Day of Calendar QuarterUnit of Measurement for Transportation MDQUnit of Measurement for Storage MDQContact Person and Phone NumberFootnote ID
DShipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily QuantityFor Storage, Max Daily QuantityFootnote ID
AAgent or Asset Manager NameAgent or Asset Manager Affiliation IdentifierFootnote ID
PPoint Identifier CodePoint NamePoint Identification Code QualifierPoint Identification CodeZone NameFor Transportation Maximum Daily QuantityFor Storage, Maximum Daily QuantityFootnote ID
FFootnote NumberFootnote Text      
HBison Pipeline LLCC00062707/01/2021O07/01/2021T Kay Dennison 832-320-5336