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TSP Name: Bison Pipeline LLC
TSP: 961777229
Amendment Reporting Description: All Data
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05/05/2020 09:00 CIMA Energy, LP 945601599 RT0006 FT-1 WPX Energy Marketing, LLC 824678478 OTH FT0004 None New 05/06/2020 01/31/2021 05/06/2020 02/01/2021 1113568 Buffalo 1109384 Kurtz 97,500 RES
Vol .83040000
                          6 ACA 1 N Y N N 2 1 2 N N N N Y NO NO
05/31/2020 09:00 CIMA Energy, LP 945601599 RT0007 FT-1 Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation 780062605 OTH FT0003 None New 06/01/2020 01/31/2021 06/01/2020 02/01/2021 1113568 Buffalo 1109384 Kurtz 50,000 RES
Vol .83040000
                          6 ACA 1 N Y N N 2 1 2 N N N N Y OD/OR recallable NO
1) FOR THE END DATE SELECTED IN THIS QUERY: The FERC Annual Charge Adjustment (ACA) is $ .0013 per MMBtu for transportation service.